The Buildings in 1601

This is a trial page to show what the centre of the village of Paston may have looked like in 1601, 20 years after the Great Barn was completed and after a period of restoration on the church.

To view the first stage of the models, click on the label 'Earth' and zoom in towards the model. You may need to download the 'Google Earth' browser module if you have not used it before. You can then zoom in to the model and move around it, using the normal Google Earth controls. Clicking on one of the building labels will turn on the model of that building.

Zoom in using the general zoom control, then use the keyboard controls. If you're not familiar with the keyboard controls, Shift up/down arrow are good ones to try though any combination of up/down with one of nothing, shift or ctrl does different things. Adding Alt into the mix gives you finer (slower) control over the version without the Alt key.

This is a developing page that will change as the model is built.

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This is a developing trial page. At present you can view a speculative model of Paston Hall as it was in 1601 and St Margaret's church and the great barn in the same year. . Efforts continue to bring together information which will further inform the design and the position of the hall. At the moment it is the initial stage of a 3D model; suggested textures are being added and other features put into the model.

Paston Hall 1601     Barn 1601     St.Margaret's church 1601