William Denny to Lady Katherine Paston, December 1624

Early 17th Century
Side By Side:

To the right worshipfull my most respected & very good Lady the Lady Katherine Paston at Paston deli uer

Noble Lady

I have euen nowe received your bookes & sene your comission & depositions returned nothing more is asyet done. I have left order with mr Smyth - for circumspection - & as occasion yow shalbe sure to heare onely Iustice Chamberlayne is appointed to goe sitt at Chester as cheife Iustice their & Sir Iames Whitlock that sittes their shall come in his place: The Lord Cheife Iustice shalbe lord Tra'sourer' Sir Randall Crewe lord Cheife Iustice The Parliament is put off till the 2 of ffebruary here was a taalk of the plague but noe such thing onely a newe kinde of ague. thus with my best remembred to your self Sir Edmund mr William &c I am yours euer most assured

This Instant tuisday William Denny
1624 Graies

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