Census 1841

Census data from the 19th century give us a fascinating insight into the history of the period. The English data are held in the National Archives and can also be found in county record offices; many companies have now licensed them and made them available on the Internet.

For this page we've transcribed the 1841 data for Paston. With the advantage of knowing most of the local names, we hope you'll find this a more accurate transcription than some of the others available on the web, but more importantly we've provided tools for analysing the data.

The 1841 census collected rather less data than some of the later censuses. For instance, there is no relationship shown between people living in a household. The 1841 census also does not not have a 'schedule' reference; this is for later years.

If you would like some help in understanding how the search, sort and analysis tools on this page work, go to the next page, 'Investigating the Census Data'

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