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We very much welcome volunteers to the Paston Footprints project. There is no subscription fee and no absolute commitment - you can take part at whatever level you wish. If you'd simply like to receive an occasional news letter or take part in the forums, you're very welcome. If you'd like to help on the development of this web site, we'll help you to understand what's needed at a simple or deeper level. And if can help at the deepest levels - Latin or medieval French - well, that would be wonderful! Click the volunteer option and let us know of your interest.

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Upcoming Events

Paston Footprints - Digitising the Paston Letters
13 Jul, 2021 ~ 19:30
Sedgeford Parish church
Paston Footprints - Digitising the Paston Letters

The Pastons in the lecture programme of the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project for their summer excavation season. Click for the full SHARP 2021 schedule.

The Pastons & the Peasants Revolt
16 Jul, 2021 - 18 Jul, 2021 ~ 09:00-18:00
North Walsham Memorial Park
The Pastons & the Peasants Revolt

The "battle of North Walsham" of 1381 brought to an end the Peasant's Revolt. Join the reenactors and visit the many stalls and displays - as in 1381, the Pastons will be represented.

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600 Paston Footprints

In 2018 it was six hundred years since the writing of the first of the Paston Letters, that unique collection of family correspondence giving insights from family life to English national politics in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Paston Heritage Society and the University of East Anglia have been funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to developed learning materials, on-line resources and community events around the Paston Letters. We are seeking the participation of all who would like to contribute to this major historical project. You can learn a little about past events and plans for the future from this and its linked sites.

About The Paston Heritage Society
About The Paston Heritage Society