The Paston Footprints Project

Welcome to the 'Paston Footprints' pages. You'll find here an introduction and way in to the amazing hub of links, information, people and places which over six centuries have formed the web based on the Paston Letters. Wherever you start, whether your interest is medieval literature, landscapes and archaeology, poetry and writing, art and women or even dyeing and weaving we hope you will be led further into understanding the world of this remarkable family and the impact they had on Norfolk. In particular we hope you will find it a new and interesting way of exploring the Norfolk countryside. This is an interactive project and we look forward to hearing from you.

From the Footprints menu you can start with a summary of the Pastons' story - and get to know the importance of the hundreds of letters and associated documents which the family left us.

You'll then find a page of pictures of some of the things the Paston Heritage Society has been up to over the last ten years. We'd like to encourage you to take on some of these tasks for other places associated with the Pastons - places all over the county of Norfolk.

And finally for the moment is a page where you can sign up to let us know of your interest and where we can alll share ideas and information that will enable us to build a magnificent and we hope inspirational scheme through 2019 to 2021. Use the drop-down menu for Footprints on the menu bar above to find out more and to log on to an area of interest.

Oxnead Hall, a lithograph of the hall in its prime, set in a modern photograph.