Lady Katherine Paston to William Paston, February 1627

Early 17th Century
Side By Side:

To my most beloued sonne William Paston
of Corpus Christie Colledge Cambridge

My good chilld the Lord his sweet mercy and bleasinge be evermore vppon the and vs all: I thanke the for thy many letters. thay can neuer be too many: Now least I shold forget to be thankefull for a sorte of tokens. bothe for booke and candell : ther want but a bell ; coold you not haue parswaded your Cosine mun bell. to haue com this way: then I shold haue bine fully suplyed of bell booke and candell: I say least I shold forgett to thanke the) I will begine with it: (as allso for the pote of oliues:). lohn Gowld was to trew a prophsier for more then ten days did he giue out that younge Koks child was buried. befor it was sike: but that littel younge child was quite cast away: as we may I thinke say willingly and foolishly, for it is sayd for certine that when the owld man was sike of two sors: the younge folks sent the child to his grandfather: and the owld man did keepe the child and made it lie with him a nights when he was at that poor pase him selfe. so the child was buried on munday was seunenight and on sunday was younge koks wiffe prayed for at church: but I heer she is now on the mendinge hand: of 12 of them. ther are but 5: leafft aliue. and 4. of them haue bine sike. so now my hops and thoughts: be at an ende for goinge to paston vntill it shold please god to remoue his heavie hand: al the towne is very well ells: and so are the nayghbour towns Phillups quartine Ague is corn to a Cotidian ague it takes him in the night. yett is he now more cheerly with his every day fitts. then when thay cam every third day and now farwell my good chilld the Lord send vs a Ioyf ull meetine at paston this is my sixt letter. and I assure the I am very weary: Sir Charll grose haue sente to borow horses of thy father agaynst the Asises: so by that means I can not so soone sende to Cambridge as otherwis I wold: but affter the Assies weeke, I will not fayll to send to the: farwell my good chilld for this time: thy father remember his loue to the and so doe I .

thy most Louinge mother Katherine Paston

Katherine Paston uses the terms for the ague set out a few years later in The practice of physick in seventeen several books wherein is plainly set forth the nature, cause, differences, and several sorts of signs : together with the cure of all diseases in the body of man, Rivière, Lazare, 1589-1655., Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654., Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670., Rowland, William.

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