Margaret Paston to Sir John Paston, 1475

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To Ser John Paston, Knyght, be thys delyveryd in hast.


Ryght welbelovyd son, I gret yow well, and send yow Goddes blyssyng and myn, letyng yow wete þat I marveyle þat I have had no wrytyng from yow sethyn ye sent me þe lettyr þat ye sent me be for þe Kynges comyng to Norwych; in þe whyche lettyr ye wrot to me þat ye shuld a wretyn azeyn to me or ye shuld de part owt of London. It ys so þat yowyr hunkyll William hath do payd to my cosyn Robard Clere but iiijxx. li. of þe C li. and he wol no mor pay but yf he hath delyveraunc of my plegges, þe wych was leyd to plegg for xxti li. ; þe wych ben bettyr. I wot well, be cause of þe good well þat he owyt to me, as ye know, he wold ben in possessyon therof. My cosyn, Robard Cler, was her with me thys weke, and told me, þat yf he wold a delyveryd them, he myth an had þe seyd xx li. ; but he seyd he wold nowt, tyll he had spokyn with me; be my trowth I fynd hym ryght kyndly dysposyd to yow, and to me bothe; and so I have desyryd hym to kepe styll þe plegge in hys possessyon, tyll I have word from yow how ye ar agreyd with yowyr hunkyll for þe payment of þe seyd mony: I wen veryly þat ye have fownd hym swerte for alle, and yff ye have soo do, I wold ye shuld wryt to yowyr hunkyll therfor, þat I myth have my plegges ageyn, for I war loth þat they shuld com in hys fyngyers.

Item, as for Sporyl wood, be ffor þe Kynges comyng into Norffolk, I myth an had chapmen to abowtyd a gret for xijxx. mark, and now ther wol no man by yt a gret, bycause of þe gret good þat þe pepyll ys leyd to for þe Kyng; werfor we ar a bowth to retaylyt as well as we may, and as well as yt can be browth too; and I send yow word how we shall do as astely as I may. As for yowyr barly in thys cuntre, yt cannot be sold above x d. or xj d; þat ys þe gretest prys of barly her, and but yt be at a bettyr prys, I purpose for to do yt malt. And as for mony, I cowd not get yet of Pecok but iij li.; and he seth þat be than þat þe owt chargys be boryn, and þe repracion of þe myll at Wyntyrton, we ar lyke to have but lytyll mor mony besyd þe barly. Malt ys sold her but for xiij d. and whet ij_s._ or xxvj_d._ at thys time, and otys xijd. Ther ys non owtlod suffyrd to goo owth of thys cuntre as yet; þe Kyng hath comaundyd þat ther shuld non gon owth of thys lond. I fer me þat we shall have ryth a straung ward; God a mendyd, whan Hys wyll ys. I thank yow for þe flakons þat ye sent me; they be ryght good, and plesyth me ryght well: I shall be as good an huswyff for yow as I can, and as I wold be for myselff. Send me word how ye doo of yowyr syknes þat ye had on yowyr hey and yowyr lege; and yff God wol nowt suffyr yow to have helth, thank Hym therof, and takyt passhently, and com hom a geyn to me, and we shall lyve to geddyr, as God woll geve us grase to do; and as I have seyd to yow beffor thys, I wold ye war delyveryd of my mastres A. H., and than I wold trost þat ye shuld do þe bettyr.

As for þe bokys þat ye desyryd to have of Syr Jamys, þe best of alle and þe fayrest ys cleymyd; ner yt ys not in hys inventory. I shall a say to get yt for yow, and I may; þe prys of þe todyr bokys, besyd that, ys xx s. vj d. þe wych I send yow a byll of. Yf ye lyk be þe prys of them, and ye wol have them, send me word. And also I pray yow send me an ansswere of thys lettyr, be cause I thynk long seth I hard from yow. God have yow in Hys kepyng.

Wretyn at Mawdby, on þe Sattyrday nex be forn þe Purificacion of owyr Lady, þe xiiij. yer of Kyng Edward þe iiijt.

Yowyr Modyr.

Anno xiiijo.

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