John Howard, The Duke of Norfolk, to John Paston, August 1485

Type:   Letter
Scribe:   Unidentified01
Era:   15/16th Century
Location of Original:   British Library

To my welbelovyd frend, John Paston area of the , be thys byll delyveryd in hast.

Welbelovyd frend, I cummaunde me to yow, letyng yow to undyrstond that the Kyngs enmysse be a land, and that the Kyng wold hafe set forthe as uppon Monday but only for Howre Lady Day; but for serten he gothe forward as uppon Tewsday, for a servant of myne browt to me the sertente.

Wherfor, I pray yow that ye met with me at Bery, for, be the grace of God, I purposse to lye at Bery as uppon Tewsday nyght, and that ye brynge with yow seche company of tall men as ye may goodly make at my cost and charge, be seyd that ye have promysyd the Kyng; and I pray yow ordeyne them jakets of my levery, and I shall contente yow at your metyng with me.

Yower lover,


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