Sir Robert Paston to Rebecca, Lady Paston, 19th June 1666

Late 17th Century
Location of Original:
Norfolk Record Office
Side By Side:

These present to my honored friend the Ladie Paston att Oxnett in Norfolke

My deare hart, I must take the opportunitie of ill paper to tell you yesterday was the first time I ever missed intelligence from you since I left you, which I impute to the neglect of the post or som other accident. Tomorrowe Mr Earle is expected and then wee shall doe somwhat I hope for my matters will off but the raising of the £4,000 is that which sticks in this conjuncture of time. I hope I shall gett these things over butt they are rubbs that mortalls are subject too, and money now scarcer then ever. Ile make what hast I can out of towne & feare nott yett butt all thinges in time will goe well.

The sickness is decreased, eighteen in the whole and eight of the plauge. The French have cutt all the English throates att St Christopher’s and possessed themselves of the iland.

The £1,500 nott yett to bee had butt my Lord Richardson endeavors to save his reputation, manie are in our condition, for till the other brush is over with the Dutch everie man locks up his money.

My deare, I long to heare you are all well and shall never truly joy till I am with you,

who am your humble servant and eternall lover, Robt Paston

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