John Bocking to John Paston, 7th June 1456

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my right good maister, John Paston, Squier, at Norwiche, in haste.

Sir, please it your maistership to wyte, I have my attachements graunted in open Courte with helpe of Litelton[91.4] and Hewe at Fen, and was bide to make redy the names, &c. before the Barons, of which Haltof t[91.5] was one. . . . . . . . . 1456

As for tidings, the Kyng is at Shene, the Quene at Chestre; the Duc of Buk was, as I come hiderward, at Writell, the Erle of Warrewyke at Werrewyke, and the Lords Chaunceller,[92.1] Tresorier,[92.2] and th'Erle of Sar' [_Salisbury_] in London, and noo more Lords at the begynyng this day of the grete Counsail. Many men say that there shuld be, but thei wote not what. The sege shall, as men say, come to Caleys and to Guynes, for moche puple come overe the water of Somme, and grete navies on the see.

Th'Erle of Penbroke[92.3] is with the Kyng, and noo more Lordis. Th'Erle of Richemond[92.4] and Griffith Suoh (?) are at werre gretely in Wales. The Comons of Kent, as thei werre wo[n]tte, er not all weel disposid, for there is in doyng amongs hem what evere it bee. Of Scotts is here but litell talkyng. My Lord York is at Sendall stille, and waytith on the Quene and she up on hym.

I dide my maistress your moderis erands, as ye have herde of, for Maister William hath writen his entente, and he and Clement faren weel.

Writen at Horshighdone, vijmo die Junij.

Rokewode and Crane faren weel, and thei and I recomaunde hem to my maistress your wif.

And as I understande, the Clerke of the Rolles is owte of charite with Maister Yelverton, and my Lord Chaunceller a litell mevid, &c.

Your owen,

J. B.

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