Sir Thomas Holland to Lady Muriel Knyvett, 16th February 1603

Early 17th Century
Side By Side:

To the Right worshipfull my especiall good Lady Knyvett Ashwelthorp geue theise

Good Madame entringe into a consideration of that great vse I haue for my horses praesently and that this weather hindreth my plowe I determined to take the opportunitie of the weather and make this suddaine dispatch: wherfore I haue sente your Ladiships barly containing in number fifteene combe and withall haue sent for the residue of my mavlt giuing your Ladiship many thankes therfore I hope if you imploy it for seed it shall well serve your turne for I haue already sovld some for that vse: As for sending in more barly (I humbly thanke your Ladiship) but my store will not so farr extend to the mavlting Good Madame I much thanke your Ladiship that you will impart vnto mee a matter of such secresy the know­ledge wherof I doe no litle reioce at and pray that the successe may bee prosperous and the sequele answerable to your good likings wherof there is no other likelihoode your practical considerations being grovnded vpon good circumstances: I would to god our other sister were in as good a forwardness which I hope will shortly take place: I am determined god willing vpon fryday to goe to Dalham to accompany my Brother to the assises where wee bee in hope to see Mr Sackford and so to proceed to good meanes if your Ladiship shall so thinke it good: I would haue bin messenger my selfe but that building busines doth so sett aworke my head that I cannot absent my selfe: therfore I humbly crave Sir Thomas and your Ladiships fauourable censure for the neglectinge of my duty and by the help of god at my returne out of Suffolk I will supply this want: Vntill which time and euer after I comitte your Ladiship to the protection of the most hiest not omitting my humble and bounden duty vnto Sir Thomas and your Ladiship whom god longe with health and hapines continue: Wortwell this 16th of february 1602.

Your euer most dutifull sonne

Thomas Holland

The letter is an acknowledgement of the betrothal of Katherine Knyvett to Edmund Paston by Sir Thomas Holland to his mother-in-law, Lady Muriel Knyvett.

Hughey, Ruth, The Correspondence of Lady Katherine Paston, 1603 – 1627, Norfolk Record Society Vol. XIV, Ed. Percy Millican (1941), Norfolk Record Society

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