Margaret Paston to John Paston, after 1440

Type:   Letter
Scribe:   Unidentified
Era:   15/16th Century
Location of Original:   British Library

To my worshepfull husbond, John Paston, abidyng at Petyrhous in Cambrigg.

Ryth reverent and worsepful husbon, I recomawnde me to ȝow with alle myn sympyl herte, and prey ȝow to wete þat there come up xi. hundyr Flemyns at Waxham, qwereof wer takyn and kylte and dronchyn viij. hundryte. And þat had nowte a be ȝe xul a be atte home þis Qwesontyde and I suppose þat ȝe xul be atte home er owte longke.

I thanke ȝow hertely for my lettyr for I hadde none of ȝow syn I spake with ȝow last for þe matyr of Jon Mariot. Þe qwest passyd nowte of þat day for my Lorde of Norfolke was in towne for Wedyrbys matyr qwerfor he wolde nowt latyd pase. As for-furpe os I knowe Fynch ne Kylbys makeþe no purwyauns for hys gode.

No mor I wryte to ȝow atte þis tyme but þe Holy Trenyté hawe ȝow in kepyng. Wretyn in Norweche, on Trenyt Sune-day.


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