Margaret Paston to John Paston, perhaps 1st February, 1454

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my ryght worchippfull hosbond, John Paston, be this delyveryd in hast.

Right worchipfull hosbond, I recommand me to yow, praying yow to wete þat I have receyved your letter this day þat ye sent me be Yelvertonys man. As for your signette, I fond itt uppon your bord the same day þat ye went hens, and I send it yow be Richrad Heberd, bringer herof. As for your eronds þat ye wrete to me fore, Richard Charles is owte abough your eronds abowte Gresham, and for his awyn maters also, and I suppose he komyth not hom tyll it be Tesday or Weddenesday next komyng; and alssone as he komyth hom, he shall go abowte your eronds þat ye wrete to me fore.

I sent yow a letter wreten on Tesday last past, whiche, as I suppose, Roger Ormesby delyveryd yow. I toke it to Alson Pertryche. She rod with Clyppysbys wyff to London.

I pray yow if ye have an other sone þat you woll lete it be named Herry, in remembrans of your brother Herry; also I pray yow þat ye woll send me dats and synamun as hastyly as ye may. I have speke with John Damme of þat ye bad me sey to hem to sey to Thomas Note, and he sey he was wel payd þat ye seyd and thowgh þerin as ye dede. Ner’les I bad hym þat he shuld sey to the seyd Thomas therin as it wer of hymself with owte your avys or any others; and he seyd he shuld so, and þat it shuld be purveyd for this next weke at the ferthest. The blyssed Trinyte have yow in his kepyng.

Wretyn att Norwyche, in hast, the Fryday next befor Candelmesse day.

Be your gronyng wyff,

M. P.

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