Margaret Paston to John Paston, 2nd April, 1449

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my rytȝ wurschipful mayster Jon Paston be þis delyverid in hast, dwelling in þe Innere Tempill

Rytȝ wurschipful hosbond, I recommawnd me to ȝu, praying ȝu to wete þat my kosyn Cler dynyd with me this day; and sche told me þat Heydon was with her yister evyn late, and he told her þat he had a letter from þe Lord Moleynys, and schewyd her þe same letter, praying hym þat he wold seyn to his frends and wele willerres in this contre þat he thanketh hem of her godewill, and for þat þei have done for hym; and also praying Heydon þat he wold sey to Rychard Ernold of Crowmer þat he was sory and evyl payd þat his men maden þe afray up on hym, for he seyd it was not be his will þat his men xuld make afray on noman in this contre with owth rytz grett cause. And as for þat was don to ȝu if it mytz ben prevyd þat he had don oþerwise to ȝu than rytz wold as for þe mevabyl godis, ze xuld ben content, so þat ze xuld have cawse to kon hym thank; and he prayd Heydon in þe letter þat it xuld ben reportid in this kontre þat he wold don so, if he had don oþerwyse than he owth to don.

þe frere þat cleymyth Oxned was in this town zastyrday and this day, and was ledgid att Beris, and this afternon he rod, but qhedder I wote not. He seyd pleynly in this town þat he xal have Oxnede, and þat he hath my lord of Suffolkes good lordschip, and he wol ben his good lord in þat mater. þere was a persone warnyd my moder with in this to days þat sche xuld ben ware, for þei seyd pleynly sche was lyk to ben servyd as ze were servyd at Gressam with in rytz schort tyme. Also þe Lord Moleyns wrott in his forseyd letter þat he wold mytyly, with his body and with his godis, stand be all tho þat had ben his frends and his wel willers in þe mater towching Gressam, and preyd Heydon þat he wold sey to þem þat þei xuld not ben aferd in non wyse, for þat was don it xuld ben abedyn by.

My moder prayith ȝu þat ze wil send my broþer Willyam to Kawmbrege anomynale and abok of sofystre of my broþer Emundes[100.4], þe qheche my seyd broþer be hestid my moder þe last tyme he spak with her, þat he xuld asent to my broþer Willyam.

þe blisseful Trinyte have ȝu in his keping.

Wretyn at Norwyche in hast, on þe Wodenysday next be for Palm Sonday.


M. P.

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