Margaret Paston to John Paston, 12th March 1450

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my rytȝ worchypful maystyr Jon Paston be this delyveryd in hast.

Ritȝ worchipful hosbond, I recommawnd me to ȝow, desyring hertyly to here of ȝour well1-fare, thankyng for þe letter þat ȝe sent to me, praying ȝow to wete þat I haue sent Henry to Maltby pis weke to do seche thyngys as ȝe commawndyd in ȝour letter. And as towching þe dyche aȝens the maner gate, ȝour tenawntys haue nere made itt as ȝe desyryd þat it shuld hen made qhan ȝe were þere, and it is made up-on þe old dyche. And as for mony, I cowd haue þer at pis tym butt xxj s. viij d. And as for the flete, þe man is not in pis contre þat shuld make itt. Ȝowr tenawntys and oþer men seyn þat it shal hen als gode makyng þer-of after Estern as it shuld hen be-fore Estern.

I have spoke to Jon of Damme to do as ȝe sent me word in ȝour letter, and he seyth he wol don his part as ȝour desyre is wyth all his hert. Jamys Gloys was in þat contre sythyn he kom from London, and he spak wyth Henry Goneld; and þe seyd Henry told hym þat he herd seyn þat Partriche hath sent a lettyr to þe lym-brennere byddyng hym þat he shuld fell þe rede att Gressam, and so it is fellyd and karyid to Mariottys plase att Bekkam. And þe seyd Henry seyth how it is seyd in Gressam that Partryche sent hom word þat he shuld not corn hom tyl he corn wyth his lord, and þat he seyd shuld hen wyth-jnne short tym, rand þat he shuld hen lodgyd at Jon Wynterys plase. And as for Capron, he dwellyth styl in Gressam, and he seyth, and oþer þat hen aȝens 3ow, thow ȝe entre in-to þe manere þat ȝe shul nevyre haue it iong in þesebyl wyse

Wyllyam Butt, the whiche is wyth Sere Jon Hevenyngham, kom hom from London ȝesterday, and he seyd pleynly to his mayster and to many othere folkys þat the Duke of Suffolk is pardonyd and hath his men aȝen waytyng up-on hym, and is ritȝ wel at ese and mery, and is in the Kyngys godegrase and in þe gode conseyt of all þe lordys as well as ever he was.

There ben many enmys aȝens Ȝermowth and Crowmere, and haue don moche harm and taken many Englysch-men and put hem in grett destresse and grettely rawnsommyd hem, and the seyd enmys hen so bolde that they kom vp to þe lond and pleyn hem on Caster sondys and in othere plases as homely as they were Englysch-men. Folkys hen ritȝ sore aferd þat they wol don moche harm pis somer but if þer be made ritȝ grett purvyans aȝens hem. Othere tydyngys know I non att pis tym.

The blysseful Trinyte haue ȝow in his kepyng. Wretyn at Norwyche on Seynt Gregorys Day.

Ȝourys, M. P.

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