Sir Thomas Holland to Lady Katherine Paston 28th October 1618

Early 17th Century
Side By Side:

To his honored Sister the Lady Paston at hir lodgin at Saint Gyells in the field giue theise

My worthy Sister

I receaued your letter within 4 dayes after the date of that letter which did impart to vs your safe cominge with your sweet boyes to London the vnderstandinge of which was most welcome to vs all god blesse you with them make you long happy in them and giue good successe to your worthy care and intention: I hastened after you the letters which I procured from my cosen Dix to the Gentleman I tould you of with a letter of directions from him for your proceeding therin: But for the better issue of the buisines he hath promised to deliuer this letter him selfe and to put you into such a way that you shall not err for he will repaire to that gentleman with an other very powerfull with him and with your solicitour/ so season him that he nothing doubteth of an honorable victorie to you therin therfore cause your solicitor to bee perfectly instructed to goe through therwith. I heere your London Iourney is layed on mee to be the cause and I am very willinge to take it vpon mee for I will rather desire to faile of their good opinions then not expresse my sincerest affection to your selfe for I cannot but hope of your praeuailinge in so conscionable a cause: All our familie I praise god is in good health but my selfe haue had the runninge ouer nyne hedges all this weeke but now voluntarilie stayed Newes of the Country I cannot possesse you with any but of the Death of yonge Pettus who hath left a Rich widow no lesse worth than 8000 li his sole executor he hath giuen two shillings a weeke for euer to the Poore of the towne and fiue pounds a yeere to maintaine an excercise with many other workes of charitie I will no longer detaine you from your more serious employment but with the remembrance of my kindest respect to your Honorable selfe with the like from my wife and to my brother with all good wishes to pretty Will and my beloued god sonn I comitt you to god and euer will rest

28° 8brls i6i8

Your true faithfull brother Tho: Holland

I haue this night receaued your letter wherby I find your receipt of the letters sent As also the Cunninge vsed to make you surcease but ...

Blomefield adds a note to say that the letter has been cut at the bottom, thus the abrupt end to the postscript.

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