Sir John Heveningham to Lady Katherine Paston

Early 17th Century
Location of Original:
British Library
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To the Right Worshipfull my very louinge Sister the Lady Paston geue these.

Good Sister

I haue sent you at last the coppys of the Accounts of both feeffments ingrossed in bookes by this bearer, if he could haue doone them sooner, you should haue Receiued them before this tyme, I will also send you very shortly all the Rentalls & ffermals of all Sir William Pastons estate, that you may compare them with our Accompts & if it please you euery yeare soone after our Accompts are perfected, eyther my man Machett shall enter them into your booke, or you shall haue my booke for any that you will putt in trust to engrosse them into yours./ I haue lately Receiued the Auditt Accompts which Mr Horneby tooke for three yeares since Sir William Paston died, which you shall see before our next Accompts, after that I haue examined them with ours. Thus with my wifes & my true affection recommended to your selfe, & my good brother, wishinge you & all yours, all health & happines, I rest

Your assured louinge Brother.

Kettringham this 10th of
ffebruary. 1618./ Iohn Hevenyngham

Ruth Hughey comments that the letter indicates that Lady Paston has decided personally to check the income from Sir William Paston's estate and not to trust the reports of the trustees.

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