Lady Katherine Paston to Sir John Heveningham 1619

Lady Katherine Paston
Early 17th Century
Location of Original:
British Library
Side By Side:

Good Brother. I haue receyved by your man mr matchett your kinde letter. together with your Coppis of the Accownts: I know not in what tearms to expres my thankefullnes for the kindnes you shew to me and mine. I know of your owne self. you ar free enough from wronginge any on:/ and I did: and ever will acknowledge it:/:/:/ and if I did ever desire to see these Accownts, it was not to question any thinge that was in them: for you shall well finde that was not my intent: but only to haue eased my self of findinge out sir William pastons estate, which of nessesity I was to make knowne at the comission :/ which with much adoo we fownde out the most parte :/ but mr Iarmis frowardnes Iathe Cawsed much truble to vs all: wheras if he wold haue consented to the Iust desier of vs, all. he shold haue shewed himself a fare more worthy plan: and haue deserved the nam of a frinde to the howse of sir William paston: and haue easeed me of many a carffull thought - and it is well parsayved how he seeks to gayne time ells he wold not haue called for an other comission considringe he might haue finished all at this last cormission :/ or whether he giue it out that he will haue on: intendinge nothinge less therby to go beyonde vs if we sitt secure:/ he haue shewed so many rare devises sine this bisnes begane that I can proue he hath an extrordinary invention:

Probably a copy of Lady Katherine's reply to Sir John's letter of 10th February.

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