Samuel Machett to Lady Katherine Paston 16th April 1619

Early 17th Century
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British Library
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To my honorable good Lady the Lady Paston of Paston these be delivered at London

My euer honored Lady I doe acknowledge my self to be more then bould in daringe to write vnto your worthy self yet I hope that the confession of my fault (with the occasion thereof) by your favourable construction maye obtaine pardon at your handes. ffor Sir lohn havinge written his lettres vnto Mr Binge very effectually concerninge your Ladyships desire (which was as a comaund vnto me) I went to Norwich with a resolucion to have left the same lettres at Mr Brownes to have been conveyed by your owne direccions vnto Mr Binge but I goinge vnto Mr Iermy to acqauint him with Sir Iohn his purpose and intencion that Mr Iermy (if he did stand so affected) might pleade only for himself in opposicion of the decree in that pointe for the purchasinge of landes & it enkindled an exceedinge rage & heate in Mr Iermy who said that he carid not for your suite he had dealt soe iustly & honestly in the trust reposed in him but Sir lohn his dealinge vnderhand by ill instrumentes & his vnkindnes now in disioyninge himself at the daye of hearinge of purpose to extenuate his worth & reputacion & to oppose him doth not a litle vexe his spirittes.

But he sayde Sir lohn was likely to receive a blowe for it was Mr Paston his ayme & end that the decree should enioyne the ffeoffees to purchase landes which should be entaylid vpon his sonnes & some other speeches of like nature which occasioned me to staye the deliuery of the saide lettres to Mr Browne with a self perswation to have procured Sir Iohn to have beene at the daye of hearinge in person which I conceited was much desired by your self but my expectacion proved wyndy for I found Sir Iohn cold in intertaininge such a motion as beinge secured in that pointe by your self & Mr Paston Therefore I have sent the saide lettres vnto Mr Binge by Mr Pickerell his sonne of Intwood and have given Mr Allen direccion from Sir Iohn to write to his Solicitor to retaine Mr Binge on Sir Iohn his parte If your Ladyship thinke it fittinge yow maye send vnto Mr Binge therby to vnderstand whether he hath receivid the saide lettres from Sir Iohn or not least yow meete with a lawyers trick If Mr Binge should not be present at the hearinge Mr Iermy maye be demaunded whether I or some other did not acquaint him from Sir Iohn that he was willinge & desirous that the decree might enioyne the ffeoffees to secure the monyes in their handes by purchasing landes & that Sir Iohn had bought as much land as cost him neare mmdccc li which he intended to secure for parte of the monyes in his handes and also would very shortly purchase more landes for the securinge of the residue of the ffeoffent moneys which is in his handes Good Madame I beseach yow passe by my bouldnes herein & lett these my illitterate & tedious lynes be only knowne to your Ladyship for Sir Iohn hath noe notion of them. If your Ladyship hath a desire to make me happy make vse of the power yow have ouer me in comaunding any office or servyce wherein I have abilitie to make performance Thus with my dutifull rememberance to your Lady ship still prayienge that your felicities may never cease I remaine as euer becometh me

Norwich xvi0 Aprilis 1619

Your Ladyships in all dutie & servyce to commaund

S. Machett

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