Sir John Heveningham to Lady Katherine Paston, 18th January 1620

Early 17th Century
Side By Side:

To the Right Worshipfull my very louinge sister the Lady Paston geue these

Good Sister

although I needed not to haue written to you at this present about this busines because that which I would effect therin, is first for the good of yours, my selfe neuer intendinge opposition to you therin, yett because my Lord Chauncelour ordered the last tearme, that I should send my brother Paston, the reasons why I desire to haue the land newly purchased to be estated for want of issue of my brother Paston, vpon my wife & her children. I haue therfore sent you a coppy of the said reasons here inclosed, & haue appointed my Sollicitor to procure the eight day of ffebruary next if he can, for my Lord Chauncellour to heare thes reasons alledged by my cownsell I wish the happy continuaunce of my brothers posteryty as longe as the worlde endureth, & my heart is free from the desire or hope that euer my children shall come to that land, yett seinge it is ther right both by the lawe of God and man, the world would much condemne me, if I should be negligent in doinge my best endeauouers to haue it setled vpon them. Thus with my wifes & my kind affection remembred to your selfe & my good brother, wishinge all happines to you both, & to your sweet children, I rest
Your assured louinge brother Iohn Hevenyngham
Kettringham this 18th of Ianuary. i619.

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