Margaret Paston to John Paston, 3rd March 1451

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my rith wurshepfull hosbond, Jon Paston.

Rith worchipfull hosbond, I recommawnd me to yow, praying you to wete that ther is a gret noyse in þis town, þat my Lord of Oxforth and Yelverton and ye ben endytid in Kent for mayntenyng of þe oyerdetermyner; and Jon Dame is endytyd þere also of treson, be-cawse þat he dede Heydon endytyn of treson for takyng down of þe quarter of the man. And the pepyll þat ben ayens Ser Thomas Todenham and Heydon ben sore aferd be-cawse of þis noyse, and of oþer langage that is had boþe in þis town and in þe contre, þat þese seyd Todenham and Heydon shuld ben as well at ese, and have as grett rewill as ever they hadde.

Jamys Gloys tellith me that he hath sent yow word of Heydonys hors and of other thyngs, mor of whiche I was purposid to asent yow word of. The Holy Trinyté have yow in kepyng. Wretyn at Norwiche, the Weddenysday next after Seynt Mathy.


M. P.

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