Margaret Paston to John Paston, 15th March 1451

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To myn ryth worshipfull hosbond Jon Paston.

Rith wurchipfull hosbond, I recommawnd me to yow, desiring hertily to her of yowr welfar; preying you to wete that Herry Halmannys wif sent to me word on Saterday last past that Prentys thretyth her hosbond sor, and John Robyns, for suche thynges as Prentys seyth þat they haue donn ayens hym; he seyth he shall make hem so besy or he leve hem that he shall make hem not wurth a peny, and they ben aferd þat he woll hold hem connawnt if he have powyr ther-to.

It is seyd her þat the kyng shuld com in to this contré, and sir Thomas Todenham and Heydon arn well cheryeshid with hym. And also it is seyd they shall have as grett rewill in þis contre as evyr they hadde, and many more folkes arn sory þerfore than mery. Ser Thomas Todenhamys men and Heydonys sowyn this sedde all abowte þe contre, þat here maysteris shull cum hom in hast in here prosperite and be als well att ese as ever they wer.

As for that ye dessyryd þat I shuld enquyr wher any stuff is of yowris, I wot not how to don þer-with, for if ever wer aspyid þat hath of yowr stuff, and we had it from hym, oþer þat have more þer-of wold ben ware be hym, and avoyd seche stuff as they have of yowris. I suppose John Osbern shall tell yow whan ye com hom agode meen to wete wher meche þerof is becom.

Jamys Gloys is ayen to Gressam and I suppose John Damme shall tell yow what he hath donn ther. Yowr tenawntis wold fayn þat summe mene of yowris shuld abyde amongis hem, for they ben in gred diswyr what they may do; the langage is so grett on the toþer party that it maketh þe tenawntis sor afferd that ye shuld not regoyse itt. I send to yow a letter be Colynys of Frawnceys Costard what dedis he woll don. It was told me also that the Lord Molyns was lyke to have aday ayens yow att Thetford at the next assyse. On þat loueth yow rythwell told me how it was told hym so, and warnyd me therof in secrete wyse. Itt is gode to ben war of ther falsed. I pray yow þat ye woll send me word in hast, if ye woll have red to your levery as ye wer avysid, and if ye woll not, &c. And also I pray yow þat ye woll do bey ij. gode hattis for your sonys for I can none getyn in this town. Mor tydynges can I not send yow yett. The Holy Trinyte have yow in his kepyng. Wretyn att Norwiche on þe fyrst Monday of Lent.


M. P.

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