Margaret Paston to John Paston, 15the October, perhaps 1453

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my right wurchipfull husbond, John Paston, be this delyverid in hast.

Right wurchipfull hosbond, I recomawnd me to yow, beseching yow that ye be not displeasid with me, thow my symplenesse cawsed yow for to be displeasid with me. Be my trowth, it is not my will noþer to do ne sey that shuld cawse yow for to be displeasid; and if I have do, I am sory þer-of, and will amend itt. Wherefor I beseche yow to forgeve me, and þat ye bere none hevynesse in your hert ayens me, for your displeasans shuld be to hevy to me to indure with.

I send yow the roll that ye sent for, in-selyd, be thþe brynger her of; it was fownd in your trussing cofor. As for hering, I have bowt an horslode for iiijs. vjd. I can gett none ell yett; as for bever, þer is promysid me somme, but I myt not gete it yett.

I sent to Jone Petche to have an answer for þe wyndowis, for she myt not come to me. And she sent me word that she had spoke þer-of to Thomas Ingham, and he seyd þat he shuld speke with yow hymself, and he shuld accord with yow wel jnow, and seyd to her it was not her part to desyr of hym to stop þe lyts; and also he seyd itt was not his parte to do itt, be-cawse þe place is his but for yeris.

And as for all oþer eronds that ye have commandid for to be do, þei shal be do als sone as þei may be do. The blissid Trynyte have yow in his keping. Wretyn at Norwyche, on þe Monday next after Seynt Edward.


M. P.

Davis indicates a different date from that of Gairdner and comments on the difficulty of dating the year of this lettter. He comments in partiuclar on using the date of the availability of herrings as supporting information.

Davis indexes Jone Petche as John Petch; we've used Joan Petche with the use of 'she' and the disparaging comment from Ingham.

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