Margaret Paston to John Paston, 29th January, perhaps 1454

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my right worchippfull hosbond, John Paston, be thys delyveryd in hast.

Right worchipfull hosbond, I recommand me to yow, desyring to here of your welfar; praying yow to wete þat Sir Thomas Howes hath purveyed iiij. dormants for þe drawte chamer, and þe malthouse, and þe browere, wherof he hath bought iij., and þe forte, þat shall be þe lengest and grettest of all, he shall have from Heylesdon, whiche he seyth my Mayster Fastolf shall geve me, be cause my chamer shall be made þer-with. As for þe laying of þe seyd dormants, þey shall be leyd this next weke, be cause of þe malthous, and as for þe remenant, I trow it shall abyde tyll ye come hom, be cause I can noþer be purveyed of joystys, ne of bords not yette.

I have take þe mesure in þe draute chamer, þer as ye wold your cofors and [@4}cowntewery[/@4] shuld be sette for þe whyle; and þer is no space besyde þe bedd, thow þe bedd wer remevyd to þe dore, for to sette boþe your bord and your kofors þer, and to have space to go and sitte be syde. Wherfor I have purveyd þat ye shall have þe same drawte chamer þat ye had befor þer, as ye shall ly to your self; and whan your gerr is remevod owte of your lytil hous, þe dore shall be lokkyd, and your baggs leyd in on of þe grete koforis, so þat þey shall be sauff, I trost.

Richard Charles and John Dow have fetched hom þe chyld] from Rokelond Toftes, and it is apraty boy; and it is told me þat Wyll is att Blyklyng with a pore man of this town. A yonge woman þat was sometyme with Burton of this town sent me word þerof; I pray yow send me word if ye woll þat any thyng þat ye woll be do to hym or ye com hom. Richard Charles sendeth yow word þat Wylles hath be at hym here, and offerd hym to make hym astate in all thyngs according to þer in dentur, and if he do þe contrary ye shall sone have word.

My moder prayith yow to remembr my suster, and to do your parte feythfully or ye com hom to help to gette her agode mariage. It semyth be my moders langage þat she wold never so fayn to have be delyveryd of her as she woll now.

It was told here þat Knyvet þe heyer is for to mary; boþe his wyff and child be dede, as it was told here. Wherfor she wold þat ye shuld inquyr whedder it be so or no, and what hys lyvelode is, and if ye thynke þat it be for to do, to lete hym be spoke with þerof.

I pray yow þat ye be not strange of wryting of letters to me be twix this and þat ye come hom. If I myght I wold have every day on from yow. þe blyssed Trinyté have yow in his kepyng. Wrete att Norwyche, on þe Tesday next after þe Conuercion of Seynt Poull.

Be yours,

M. P.

Gairdner suggest the boy referred to is a member of the Berney family, Sir Philip Berney having been attacked and turned out of his manor at Rockland Toftes.

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