William Reynolds of Cromer to Agnes Paston, 1453

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my ryght reverent and wourchipfull mastras, my Mastras Paston, the modyr of my maister John Paston, be this delyvered._

Ryght reverent and wourchipful Mastras, with most humble and louly servyce in moste goodly wice I recomaund me to your contynuell supportacion. Please it your good grace to have notycion that I have late a place of yours in quiche John Rycheman dvellyd, for it stode at a grete dyspeyr and I have late it for xv s., but up your good grace, for the lockis of the dores arn pulled of and born a waye, and the wyndowes ben broken and gone and other bordys ben nayled on in the stede of the sayd wyndowes. Also, the swynysty ys doun, and all the tymbyr and the thatche born a way; also the hedge ys broken or born a wey, quiche closed the gardeyn; querthorgh the place ys evyl apeyred to the tenaunt. On Sent Marckes daye I entred the seid place and lete it to your be hove, and on the day after cam Henré Goneld and seyd my latyng schald not stond, and went and seled the dores; querfor I beseche your graciows favor that my latyng may stond, for I have late alle your londis everychone. I know not oon rode unlate, but alle ocupyed to your profyghte. The tenaunt quich by your lycens schuld have youre place to ferme by my latyng ys gretely be hated with oon Johane, the wyfe of Robert Iclyngham, chapman, quich ys voysed for amysse governyd woman of hyr body by the most parte of owr town wel recordyth the same, and sche dvellyth al by your seyd place; and by cause ƿis seid tenaunt ys gretely aȝens hir for hir ungoodly governaunce, therfor sche mad menys to one Abraham Whal, quiche ys one of hir supportores, and he hath spoke with the seyd Henré Gonelde that he myght seke a remedye to cause ƿis seyd tenaunt to be a voydyd and kept oute your seid place and not come ther inne.

He ƿat is bryngger of this bylle ys ƿe man to quich I have late to ferme by the licens of you; therfore I beseche your gracaus favor to be schewed onto hym, and mekeli I beseche your contynuell supportacion ƿat ye wuld send me wrytyng under your seele how I schal be demened. Nomor, &c. Wrytin at Crowmer the nest day after Sent Marc.

Be your servaunt at alle tymes,


Firmale terræ ten' Roperes in Crowmer Anno xxxjº.

In primis Gylmyn tenet ad firmam ij. acras ad terminum annorum et reddit per annum xx d.

Item, Johannes Parnell tenet iij. rodas ad terminum xij. annorum et reddit per annum xij d.

Item, Willelmus Reynoldes pro iij. rodis in ij. peciis ad terminum x. annorum et reddit per annum ix_d.

Item, Thomas tenet pars terræ et reddit per annum ij_d. ob.

Item, Ricardus Child pro prato et j. inclausura vocata Longclos ad terminum annorum et reddit per annum iij s. iiij d.

Item, Rogerus Caryour pro j. orto per annum x d.

Colin Richmond, 'The Paston Family in the Fifteenth Century: The First Phase', gives detailed consideration to the letters concerning the ownership of East Beckham, together with references from other sources.

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