William Paston to John Paston, July 1454

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To hys wurchypfull brodyr Jon Paston.

Ryth wurchypfull broder, I recomande me to ȝow; and as for tedyng, myn lord of Yorke hathe take myn lord of Exsater jn-to hys a-warde. The Duke of Somerset js styll jn preson, jn werse case than he was. Syr Jon Fastolf recomande hym to ȝow, &c. He wyll ryde jn-to Norfolke ward as on Trusday, and he wyll dwelle at Caster[/%108, and Skrop wyth hym. He saythe ȝe are the hartyest kynysman and frynd þat he knowyt. He wulde haue ȝow at Mawdeby dwellyng.

I had gret chere of Byllyng be þe way, and he told me jn cownsayle wathe he sayd to Ledam.

Ledam wulde a do hys wyse to a mad a complent to Prys othe jn þe schere howse of ȝow, and Byllyng consallyd hym to leve and tolde Ledam ȝe and he were no felawys, and sayd to Ledam, 'Yt is the gyse of ȝowre contré-men to spend alle the good they haue on men and leuery gownys and hors and harnes, and so ber yt owth for j wylle, and at the laste they arn but beggarys; and so wyll ȝe do. I wylde ȝe schull do wyll, be-cause ȝe are a felaw jn Grays In, were I t [unclear] o was a felaw. As for Paston, he ys a swyre of wurchyp, and of gret lyuelode, and I wothe he wyll not spend alle hys good at onys, but he sparyt ȝerely c mark or j c li. He may do hys ennemy a scherewd turne and neuer fare the warse jn hys howsholde, ner the lesse men a-bowthe hym. ȝe may not do so, but if yt be for j sesun. I consayll ȝow not to contenu long as ȝe do. I wulle consalle ȝow to seke reste wyt Paston.

And I thankkyd Byllyng on ȝowre behalfe.

God haue ȝow in hys kepyng.

Be ȝowre pore brodyr

Wyllyam Paston

Meche odyr thyng I can telle and I had lesur. Recomande me to myn suster Margeth and myn cosyn Elyzabet Clyre, I pray ȝow.

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