William Paston to John Paston, 6th September 1454

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To myn rith wurchipfull broder Jon Paston be þis delyueryd.

Ryth wurchypfull broder, I recomande me to ȝow, desiryng to here of ȝowre willefare. Byllyng þe seriant hathe byn in his contré, and he come to Lundonþis weke. He sent for me and ast me how I fard. I tolde hym here is pestelens, and sayd I farid þe better. He was in good hele, for it was noysyd þat he was ded. A toke me to him and ast how myn suster dede, and I anssweryd wyll, neuer better. He seyd he was wyth the Lord Gray, and they talkyd of j jantilman qweche is ward to myn lord, I remembre he sayd it was Harry Gray that thei talkyd of. And myn lord sayd, 'I was besy wyth-jn þis fewe days to a maryd hym to a jantyll-woman jn Norfolke that schall haue iiij c marc. to hyr mariage, and now a wyll not be me, for iiij c marc. wulde do me hese and now he wulde haue his mariage mony hym-self; and there-fore', quoth he, 'he schall mary hym-self for me.' þis wurdys had myn lord to Byllyng, as he tollde me. He vnderstod þat myn lord laboryd for his owne a-vayle, and consaylyd to byd here be wyse. And I thankkyd hym for hys good consayll.

I sent ȝow an ansswere of ȝowre letter of Ser Jon Fastolf comyng hom, as he told me hem-self. Neuer the lesse he bode lenger than he sayd hym- self he schull a do. He tolde me he schulde make j ende be-twix Skrop and myn suster wulle he is in Norfolke. Many wulde it schulde not preue, for thei say it is an onlykkely mariage. In casse Cressener be talkyd of ony more, he is countyd a jantylmanly man and a wurchepfull. ȝe know ho is most wurchipfull better than I. At the reuerens of Good, drawe to summe conclusyun, it is time.

Myn lord Chanselere come not here sone I come to Lundun, nere myn lord of Jorke. Myn lord of Cantirbury hathe receyued hys crosse, and I was wyth hym in the Kynggys once you know you have found some chamer qwan he mad hys homage. I tolde Harry Wylton þe demenyng betwix the Kyng and hym; it ware to long to wrythe.

As for the prist þat dede areste me, I can not vnderstond þat it is þe pryste þat ȝe mene. Here is gret pestelens. I purpose to fle in-to the contré. Myn lord of Oxforthe is come a-ȝen fro the se and he hath geth hym lytyll thank in this countré. Muche more thyng I wulde wrythe to ȝow, but I lak lysore. Harry Wylton sey the Kyng. Myn lord of Ely hathe do hys fewthé.

God haue ȝow in hys blyssyd kepyng, Wretyn at Lundon on the Fryday be-fore Owre Ladys Day the Natyuité in gret hast. I pray recomand me to myn suster and to myn cosyn Clere.

Be ȝowre broder W. Paston

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