Margaret Paston to John Paston, 25th November 1460

Richard Calle
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my right wurshipfull husbonde, John Paston, be this delivered, in hast.

Right wurshipfull husbonde, I recomaunde me unto you. Plesith you to witte that myn aunt Mondeforthe[52.2] hath desiryd me to write to you, besechyng you that ye wol wochesafe to chevesshe for her at London xxti marke for to be payed to Mastre Ponyngs, outher on Saterday or Sonday, weche schalbe Seint Andrwes Daye, in discharchyng of them that be bounden to Mastre Ponyngs of the seide xxti marke for the wardeship of her doughter, the weche xxti marke she hath delyvered to me in golde for you to have at your comyn home, for she dare not aventure her money to be brought up to London for feere of robbyng; for it is seide heere that there goothe many thefys be twyx this and London, weche causeth her to beseche you to content the seide money in dischargyng of the matre, and of them that be bounden, for she wolde for no goude that the day were broken. And she thankyth you hertely for the greet labour and besynesse that ye have had in that matre, and in all others touchyng her and hers, wherfore she seithe she is ever bounden to be your bed-woman, and ever wolle be whyle she levethe.

My cosyn, her sone, and hese wife recomaundethe them unto you, besechyng you that ye woll weche safe to be her goode mastre, as ye have ben a fore tyme; for they be enformed that Danyell is comen to Rysyng Castell, and hes men make her bost that her mastre shal be a yene at Brayston withinne shorte tyme.

Ferthermore, as for the matre that my sone wrote to me for the boxe wheron wreten _Falce Carte Sproute_ that I shulde enquer of William Wurcestre wher it were, the seide William was not at home sen that I had hes letter; but as sone as he comethe home, I shall enquere of hym, and sende you an answer.

As towchyng for your leveryes, ther can noon be gete here of that coloure that ye wulde have of, nouther murrey, nor blwe, nor goode russets, undrenethe iij s. the yerde at the lowest price, and yet is ther not j nough of on clothe and coloure to serve you. And as for to be purveid in Suffolk, it wul not be purveide nought now a yenst this tyme, with oute they had had warnyng at Michelmesse, as I am enformed. And the blissed Trenyté have you in his kepyng.

Wreten at Norweche, on Seint Kateryn Day.

Be your,


Davis moves this letter from Gairdner's dating of 1455 to 1460; see Davis,"Paston Letters and Papers of the Fifteenth Century", v. 1, p.262.

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