John Bocking to Sir John Fastolf, 15th March 1458

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my Maister Fastolf, at Castre, in haste.

Lyke it your maistership to wyte that, as for tidings, the Counsell is, the fornone, at the Blake Frires, for the ease of resorting of the Lordys that are withinne the toun; and at afternone at the White Frirers in Fletstrete, for the Lordis withowte the toun; and all thing shall come to a good conclusion with God is grace, for the Kyng shall come hidre this weke, and the Quene also, as some men sayn, and my Lord Buk, and Stafford with hire, and moche puple.

My Lord of Caunterbury takith grete peyne up on hym daily, and will write un to yow the certeynte of suche tidings as falle; and shuld have doon or this tyme, saf for that he wolde knowe an end of the matter.

Other tidings here are none, sauf my Lord of Excestre[127.4] is displesid that the Erle of Warwyk shall kepe the see, and hath therfore received this weke ml li. [£1000] of the Hanupere.

The messenger was on horsbak whanne I wrote yow this bill, and therfore it was doon in haste; and our Lord Jesus kepe yow.

Writen at London the Wednesday after Midlenton.

And my Lord of Caunterbury tolde me that the Frenche men have ben before yow, and that ye shotte many gonnes; and so he tolde all the Lords. I have desirid hym to move the Counsell for refreshing of the toun of Yermowth with stuff of ordnance and gonnes and gonne powdre, and he seid he wolde.

Your humble servaunt,


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