Margaret Paston to John Paston, 29th April 1459

Friar John Mowth
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

Tho my ryth worschopfful hossebond, John Paston, in hast.

Ryþe worchepfwl hosbond, I recommawnd me onto yow. Plesyth ȝou to wete þat on Thoris-day last was þer wer browt unto this towne many Prevy Selis, and on of hem was indosyd to yow, and to Hastynggs, and to fyve or sexe odyr gentylmen; and anodyr was sent onto ȝowre sone, and indosyd to hym selfe alone, and asynyd wythinne wyth þe Kynggys howyn hand, and so wer bwt fewe þat wer sent, as it was told me; and also þer wer mor specyal termys in hys then wern in oderys. I sey a copy of thoo þat wer sent onto odyr gentylmen. þe intent of þe wrytyng was, þat þey sshuwlde be wyth þe Kyngg at Leycester þe x. day of May, wyth as many personys defensebylly arayid as þey myte acordyng to her degre, and þat þey schwld bryng wyth hem for her expensys for ij. monythis. As for þe lettyr þat was indosyd to ȝow and to odyr, it was delyveryd to Welyam ȝelvyrton, for þer aperyd no mor of þe remwlawnt. Hastynggs is forþe into Yorke schyr.

I prey ȝow þat ȝe vowchesaf to send word in hast how ȝe wyl þat yor sone be demenyd herin. Men thynk her, þat ben yowr wel wyllerys, þat ȝe may no lesse do than to send hym forthe. As for hys demenyng, swn ȝe departyd, in god feythe, it hath ben ryth good, and lowly, and delygent inn ovyr syþe of yowre servawntys, and odyr thinggys, þe whiche I hope ȝe wold abe plesyd wyth, and ȝe had be at hom. I hope he wyl be well demenyd to plese ȝow heraftyrward. He desyryd Alblaster [@2}to bemene[/@2]] to ȝow for hym, and was ryte hevy of hys demenyng to yow, as I sent ȝow word also be Alblaster, how I dede to hym aftyr þat ȝe wer go; and I beseche ȝow hartyly þat ȝe wochesaf to be hys god fadyr, for I hope he is schastysyd, and wil be þe warhere her-aftyr.

As for alle odyr thynggys at hom, I hope þat I and odyr schal do howr part þer inne, as wel as we may, bwt as for mony it comyth bwt slowly. And God have ȝow in hys kepyng, and sen ȝow good sped in alle yowr matteris.

Wretyn in hast at Norwece, on þe Sonday next before þe Assencyon Day.

Ser, I wold be ryte glad to he hear swmme gode tydynggys fro yow.

Be yorys,

M. P.

Davis dates this letter to 1464 rather than the Fenn and Gairdner date of 1459.. For his reasoning, see Davis, "Paston Letters and Papers of the Fifteenth Century", v. 1, p. 289, letter 176.

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