Lady Katherine Paston to William Paston, 11th June 1624

Early 17th Century
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British Library
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To my very wellbeloued sonne william Paston these I pray at his lodginge in Corpus Christy Colledge:
My good will:

I doe much desire to heer how you doe, I hope you haue receiued my late letters written to mr Roberts and you:/ take heed to your selfe good child, that I may here a good report of your Ciuill and kinde behaiour. towards all. but cheeffiy haue an espetiall care to fear and serue god: lett it be the first and last thinge you thinke of. and then be sure the blesinge of the allmighty will preserue you in all your ways. for he never fayled those who trusted in him and duely served him:/ and next beware of violent tennisinge or leapinge or any other thinge which shall hinder your healthe : take heed of frute of all sorts if you eate any. eate very moderately for to much ocation ofte times much sikenes: I sent in my last letter, that mr Roberts wold doe so much as by you a tamill gowne to wear this summer I hope it is done:/ I doe much longe to heer of you and god grant I may heer comfortable news:/ your kinde ante Bell remembers her loue to you and send you a boxe of Iuse of likorous. it will stay the ruhum . when tobaka will not:/ I hop to heer you still hate the very smell of tobaca: I send you a pece of gowld for a token. and if thaw doest well 1 and be ruled by thy tutore in all things, for thy good: then thow shalt be sur to want nothinge that I can doe for the: and so the Lords blesinge be for euer more vpon thy sowle and body farwell good will:

thy most Louinge Mother
Katherine Paston
Comend me very kindly to the master1 and to good mr Roberts. wright to me as oft as thow canst and so agayne farwell:

friday the 11th of lune 1624:/

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