Margaret Paston to John Paston, 29th October 1460

John Paston III
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my ryth welbelovyd brodyr, Clement Paston, for to delyver to hys brodyr Jon, in haste.

Ryth w[urshepfu]ll husbonde, I recomande me to yow. Plesyth yow to weet þat I receyvyd a lettyr on [@2]Seynt Symondys evyn[/@2] and J[w]d, þat came frome Jon Paston, in the wyche lettyr he wrot þat ye desyryd þat I scholde do Jon Paston or Thomas Playter looke in the gret standyng chyste in on of the gret canvas baggys whyche standyth ageyns the lokk, for the copys of the fals inqwest of ofys þat was fownde in Northefolk, and for the kopy of the comyssyon þat came to Jon Andrewys and Fylpot and Heydon, and othyr thyngys towchynge the same mater, I have do. Jon Paston sowte all iij. grete baggys in the seyd kofyr at ryth good leyser, and he can non swhyche fynde. Plesyth it yow to remembre ye sent me word in the fyrste lettyr þat ye sent me, þat ye wolde þat Playter scholde asent hem up to yow to London, and I schewyd hym yowyr wryttyng howe þat ye wrote to me ther in. I suppose be cawse he purposyd to come up to London hym selve hastely, he sent yow none answer ther of. Rychard Calle tolde me þat alle swhyche thyngys were lefte with Hery Barbore at the Tempyle Gate when the last terme was doo, and soo I sent yow worde in a lettyr whyche was wretyn on the Twesday next aftyr Seynt Looke,[245.3] and ther in was an answer of all the fyrst lettyr þat ye sent me. I sent itt yow by yonge Thomas Elys. I sent yow anothyr lettyr by Playter, the whyche was wretyn on Saterday[245.4] last past.

Item, I receyvyd a lettyr frome yow on Sonday,[245.5] of the wyche I sent yow an answher of ma lettyr on Seynt Symondes Evyn and Jwde by Edmunde Clere of Stokysby; and as sone as I hade the seyd lettyr on Sonday, I sent to Syr Thomas Howes for the mater þat ye desyryd þat he scholde inqwer of to Bokyng, and I sent a yene sethe to the seyd Syr Thomas for to have knowlage of the same mater yestyrdaye, and I have non answher of hym yet. He sent me worde he scholde do hys part there in, but othyr answer have I none yet of hym. I sende yow in a canvase bage, inselyd by Nycolas Colman, as many of Crystofyr Hansonys acomptys as Jon Paston can fynde ther as [_where_] ye sent worde þat they were. Rychard Harbard recomawndyth hym to yow, and prayth yowe þat ye wole wychesave to remembre the lettyr þat scholde be sent fro my Lorde of Warwyk to a man of hys beyng at Lowystofete; and if it be not sent to hym, þat it plese yow to do purvey þat it may be sent to hym in haste, if it maye be, as to morow ther schall be keppyd a day at Bowunggey for Mastyr Fastolfys londys be for the exchetore, and there schall be Wylliam Barker and Rychard Call. Ye schall have knowlage in haste what schall be do ther. And the blyssyd Trinite have yow in Hys kepyng.

Wretyn in haste at Norwyche on the Wednysday next aftyr Seynt Symond and Jwde,

Be yowyr M. P.

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