Margaret Paston to John Paston, 8th July 1444

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my ryth worcepful husbonde, John Paston.

Ryth reverent and worcepfful husbonde, I recomande me to yow, desyryng hertely to here of yowre welle fare, thankyn yow for yowr letter and for þe thyngys þat ye sent me þer-wyth. And towchyn John Estegate, he com nowdyr non sent hedyr nowt ȝyt; wer for I sopose I must borrowyn money in schorte time but ȝyf ye come sone home; for I sopose I xal non have of hym, so Godd helpe me. I have but iiij s. and I howhe nerr as meche mony as com to þe for seyd some.

I have do yowr herrendys to my modyr and my hunckyl and as for þe feffeys of Stokysby, my hunckyll syth þat ther be no mo an he wrot to yow of þat he knowit. And also I hauwe delyvyrit þe todyr thyng þat ye sent me inselyd in þe boxe as ye comaundit me, and þe man seyt, þat I delyverid it to, þat he wylle nowt of þe bargeyne þat ye sent hym, but sweche thynggys be do or he come ther þat ye sent hym worde of, he seyth þat he wold nowt be noysyd with no sweche thyngis of þat is, þat it wer do in hesse tyme for xx. marke. I sopose he xal send yow word in shorte time ho he wylle do.

I pray yow þat ye wylle weche save to beyn for me swech lacys os I send yow exsaumpyll of in this letter and j. pesse of blac lacys; as for cappys þat ye sent me for þe chylderyn they be to lytyl for hem. I pray yow bey hem feyner cappys and larger þan þo wer. Also I pray yow þat ye wylle weche save to recomaunde me to my fadyr and my modyr and tellyth heer þat alle herr chyldyrryn ben in gode hele, blyssyd be Godd.

Heydonis wyffe had chyld on Sent Petyr day. I horde seyne þat herr husband wille nowt of her, nerr of her chyld þat sche had last nowdyr. I herd seyn þat he seyd, ȝyf sche come in hesse precence to make her exkewce þat he xuld kyt of her nose to makyn her be know wat sche is; and yf her chyld come in hesse presence, he seyd he wyld kyllyn he wolle nowt be intretit to have her ayun in no wysse, os I herde seyn.

þe Holy Trinité have yow in hesse kepyn and send yow helth. Wretyn at Geldiston on þe Wedynisday nexte after Sent Thomas.

Be yowris,


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