John Paston the Youngest perhaps to Thomas Playter, March 1461

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

I recomawnde me to yow, and lete yow wete þat notwythstandyng tydingges come downe, os ye knowe, þat pepill shuld not come vp tyll thei were sent fore, but to be redy at all tymes, this notwithstandyng mech pepill owt of this cuntré have take wages, seying thei woll goo vp to London. But thei have no capteyn ner rewler assigned be the comissioneres to awayte vp-on, and so thei stragyll abowte be them-self and be lyklynes arn not leke to come at London, half of them. And men that come from London sey there have not passid Thetford not passyng cccc and yet the townes and the cuntré that have waged hem shall thynk thei be dischargid. And therfore if this lordes above wayte aftyr more pepill in this cuntré, be lyklynes it woll not be easy to get wyth-owt a newe comission and warnyng; and yet it woll be thought ryght straunge of hem that have waged pepill to wage any more, for euery towne hath waged and sent forth, and arn redy to send forth as many as thei ded whan the Kyng sent for hem be-fore the feld at Lodlowe, and thoo that arn not goo be in goyng in the same forme.

Item, ther was shrewd rewle toward in this cuntré, for ther was a certeyn person forth-wyth aftyr the jurny at Wakefeld gadered felaship to have mordered John Damme, as it is seyd; and also ther is at the castell of Rysing and in other ij plases made gret gaderyng of pepill and hyryng of harneys, and it is wele vndyrstand they be not to the Kyng ward, but rather the contrary and for to robbe. Wherfore my fadyr is in a dowte whedir he shall send my broþer vp or not, for he wold have his owne men abowte hym if nede were here, but notwythstandyng he wyll send vp Dawbeney, his spere and bowes wyth hym, as Stapilton and Calthorp or other men of worship of this cuntré agree to doo. Wherfore demene yow in doyng of yowre erandes ther-aftyr, and iff ye shall bryng any massage from the lordes take writyng, for Dancortes massage is not verely beleved be-cause he browt no wrytyng.

Item, this cuntré wold fayne take these fals shrewes that arn in oppynion contrary yo the Kyng and his counsell, if they had any auctorité from the Kyng to do so.

Item, my brother is redyn to Yarmowth for to lette brybours that wold a robbed ship vndyr colour of my lord of Warwyk, and longe nothyng to hem ward.

Davis,Part I, letter 317, discusses the authorship of this letter and regards it as a draft. He considers that as it is written by Lomnor, it may have been drafted by him; he considers it has a maturity not evident in other letters by John III.. He indicates it is probably from the time of the mustering of troops before the battle of Towton.

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