Thomas Playter to John Paston, 1461

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my right good maister, John Paston, in all hast.

After my most special recommendacion, please your maisterchip wete, the Kyng, be cause of the sege a boute Carelylle, chaunged his day of Coronacion to be upon the Sunday nexst after Seynt John Baptyste, so the'ntent to spede hym northward in all hast; and how be it, blyssed be God, that he hath now good tydynggs, that Lord Mountagu hath broken the sege, and slayn of Scotts and ij. knyghes, whereof Lord Cliffords brother is one, yet not wythstandyng he wol be crowned the sayd Sunday. And John Jeney enformed me, and as I have verely lerned sethen, ye ar inbylled to be made knygth at this Coronacion. Wheder ye have understandyng before hand, I wot not; but and it lyke you to take the worchip uppon you, consyderyng the comfortable tytynggs afore seyd, and for the gladnesse and plesour of al your welwyllers, and to the pyne and dyscomfort of all your ille wyllers, it were tyme your gere necessarye on that by halfe were purveyd fore, and also ye had nede higth you to London, for as I conceyve the knygthes schuld be made uppon the Saterday by for þe Coronacion; and as moche as may be purveyed for you in secrete wyse wythouten cost I schall by speke for you, if nede be, ayens your comyng, in trust of the best; neverthelesse, if ye be dysposed, ye had nede send a man by fore in all hast, that no thing be to seke. William Calthorp is inbylled, and Yelvertoun is inbylled, whiche caused Markham; because Yelverton loked to have ben chef juge, and Markham thynketh to plese hym thus. And as for the mater ayens Poutrell, we can no farther procede, tyl we have my maister your faders testament. I sent my maistres a letter for it. No more, but I pray Al myghty Jesu have you in His kepyng.


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