Margaret Paston to John Paston, June 1461

John Daubeney
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my right worchepfull hosbond, .3John Paston, be þis letter deliveryd in hast.

Right worchepfull hosbond, I recommand me to you. Please you to wete þat thys day in the mornyng the parson of Snoryng came to Thomas Denys and fechyd hym owt of hys hows, and beryth hym a hand, that he shuld a mad byllys agayns Twyer and hym, and hathe a leed hym ferthe with hem. Hys wyf hathe no knowlege wer. Ferthermore þe seid parson seythe that e seyd Thomas Denys shuld a take [@3]sowdyors[/@3] owt of hys felachep [@2]whan he went to[/@2] Seynt Albons; that hys a-nother of hys compleynts. Item, anothyr of hys compleynts ys, a beryth þe seyd Thomas a hand, þat he had awey a hors of John Coppyng of Bryslee, and a nother of Kyng of Donham, þe wyche hors were stole be þe seyd ij. personys. Wher for the seyd Thomas toke hem as a comyshaner and delyveryd hem to þe exchetore, Frances Costard, and one of them he bowt of the seyd Fraunces. And þe seyd parson hathe a-wey the seyd hors, and seyth þat he wolle the seyd thevys shuld be recompenst be Thomas Denys. Thys I am enformyd of all thesse maters be hys wyffe, and sche prayythe yow in þe reverence of God ye wolle be hyr good maister, and helpe þat hyr hosbond may have sume remedy be your labor in thys mater (... se)ythe syn that hyr hosbond ys þe Kyngs offycer, that they owt to spar hym þe rather. But they þat hathe hym take no (....) told me þat they hope to have a newe chonge in hast.

Item, Pers that was with my unkyll Barney sent you a l[etter] desyryng to have your good masterchep, and he woll fyynd sufficient suerté[283.2] for hym for to conn(.....)ys whan som ever ye woll require hym. I’ good feyth it ys told me hys leggs ar all (.....). me word, en cas the suerté be sufficient, in what sum ye woll have hem bownd for hy(....)te in bayle.

Item, it ys told me that ther be many Freynche shyppys of se a-geyns Yamothe, a(nd....) hey woll do harme on þe coste. I pray yow hertely þat ye woll send me word in hast howe þat ye do with my Lord of Norffolk, and with your adversaryys.

Item, I have do purveyed in thys wareyn [@4]xj.xx. rabets[/@4] and sent up be þe berer herof.

The blyssyd Trinité have yow in Hys kepyng, and send yow þe better of all your aduersariis, and good sped in all your maters. Wretyn in hast, þe same day that ye departyd hens.

Item, I pray yow þat ye wolle remembre my unkyll Barneys mater tochyng þe executyng of his wylle, and how ye wolle þat we be demenyd for kepyng of hys yerday, and þat it lekyth you to send me word be Mr. John Smyth.

Your M.P.

The manuscript has been mutilated and it is not possible to read some short pieces of the text.

It is not clear whether it is the parson of Great Snoring or Little Snoring who is referred to in this text; John Fowler of Great Snoring remained in post for a number of years more according to Blomefield, so we have assumed that Richard Cheyne of Little Snoring is referred to.

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