Margaret Paston to John Paston, 15th July 1461

John Daubeney
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

I recomand me to yow. Please yow to wete þat I have sent to my cosyn Barney, acordyng to your desyr in þe letter þat ye deed wright on Relec Sonday to me, wheropon he haþe wreten a letter to yow and anothyr bylle to me, þe wyche I send yow. He tolde þe masanger þat I sent to hym þat þe Undershereve nedyth not to fer hym nor non of hys; for he seyd, after þe aleccion was doo, he spak with hym at þe Grey Fryers, and prayyd hym of hys good masterchep, and seyd to hym þat he feryd no man of bodely harme, but only Twyer and hys felachep.

Item, Sir John Tatersalle and þe baly of Walsynsham and þe constabyll haþe take þe parson of Snoryng and iiij. of hys men, and sete hem fast in þe stokkys on Monday at nyght; and, as it is seyd, they shuld be carryyd up to þe Kyng in hast. God defend yt but they be shastysyd as þe lawe wolle. Twyer and hys felachep beryth a gret wyght of Thomas Denys deþe in this contry abowght Walsynham; and it is seyd ther yf John Osberne hade owght hym as good wylle, as he deed befor þat he was acqueyntyd with Twyer, he shuld not adyyd for he myght rewlyd al Walsynham as he had lyst, as it ys seyd.

Item, Will Lynysd, þat was with Master Fastolf, and swyche other as he is with hym, goo fast abowght in þe contr, and [@4]ber men a hand,[/@4]] prests and others, they be Skotts, and take brybys of hem and let hem goo ageyn. He toke þe last wek þe parson of Freton, and but for my cosyn Jarnyngham þe younger, ther wold a led hem forþe with hem; and he told hem pleynly yf they mad any suche doyngs ther, [@5]but[/@5] they had þe letter to schewe for hem, they shuld [@7]aley on her bodyys[/@7]. It wer welle do þat they wer met with be tymys. It is told me þat þe seyd Will reportyth of yow as shamfully as he can in dyvers place. Jesu have yow in Hys kepyng. Wreten in hast, þe Wednysday after Relec Sonday.

By yowr, M. P.

Yf þe Undershereve come home, I woll a say to do for hym as ye desyryd me in your letter. As for mony, I have sent abowght, and I can get non but [@6]xiij s. iiij d.[/@6] syn ye went owght. I wolle do my parte to get mor as hastely as ye may.

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