Margaret Paston to John Paston, 18th July 1461

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my worchepful hosbonde, Jon Pastun, this letter be delyvered in hast.

Ryth worchepful husbond, I recomawnd me to yow. Plesyt yow to wete þat I am desyrid be Sir John Tatersale to wryte to yow for a comyssion or a noyr in termyner for to be sent down in to this cuntre to sit uppon þe parson of Snoryng, and on soche as was cause of Thomas Denyssys dethe, and for many and gret horebyl robryys; and as for þe costs þere-of þe cuntre wele pay þere-for, for they be sor aferd but þe seyd deþe be chastysed, and þe seyd robryys, they ar aferde þat mo folks xal be servyd in lyke wyse.

As for þe prest and vj. of hese men þat be takyn, they be delyveryt to Twer [_Twyer_], and iiij. be with hem of þe cuntreys cost, for to be sent with to þe Kyng; and yf they be browt up at þe reverens of God, do yowr parte þat they schape not, but þat they may have þe jugement of þe lawe, and as they have deservyd, and be comytyt to prison, not to departe tyl they be inqueryd of her forseyd robery be soche a comyssion þat ye can get, þat þe Keng and þe Lords may hondyrstonde wat rewle they have be of, not hondely for þe moderys and þe robbryys, but as wele for þe gret insurrexsin þat they were lyke amade within þe shyre. þe preests of Castyr they be streytely take hede at be Roberd Harmerer and hoder, so þat þe seyde prestys may have no thyng out of þere-owne, ne of hodyr menys, but they be rassakyt, and þe plase ys watchyd boþe day and nyth. þe prestys thynk ryth longe tyl they tydynggs fro yow. At þe reverens of God, be ware hou ye goo and ryde, for þat ys told me þat ye thret of hem þat be nowty felawys þat haþe be inclynyng to them, þat haþe be your hold adversarys.

þe blyssyd Trenyté have yow in hys kepyng. Wretyn in hast, þe Saturday nex be fore Sent Margarete.

Be yours,

M. P.

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