Margaret Paston to John Paston, 18th May 1462

Richard Calle
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my ryght wurschipful maister, John Paston.

I recomaunde me unto you. Plesith it you to witte that I have spoken with Furbuschour and other of the matre that ye spake to me off, and they have promysed me to be as feythefull in it as it where for hem selfe. Also I have spoken with my modre and seide to here as ye desired me to doo, and sche seide sche knewe the massache weele inowe before be other persones in like wice as ye comaunded hem to sey to her; and sche seide she wode fayne that ye dede weele what so ever ye sey and fille forthe in other talkyng. Me semethe che is displesed that ye came not to her or than ye roode foorthe. I schall telle you more whan that ye come home. Thomas Denys wyff whas at me, and desired me that I schulde sende to you and desire you that che myght have knowleche from you how ye woll that sche schall doo with her matre; sche seithe her brother and other of her frendes thynke that she schulde up to London and calle uppon her matre there, but she seithe pleynly sche woll nought doo therin withoute your advice. It whas toolde me that Bacon and Gonnor whas here to speke with me for the matre that Bacon spake to you of, and at that tyme I whas at Norweche and I herde no more of hem sethen. And as for my brother William, he is not purposed to come to London tyll aftre Pentecost; but my brother Clement is purposed to come forward on Monday or on Twesday next comyng at the ferthest. No more at this tyme but the blissed Trinite preserve you. Wreten the xviij. day of May.


I prey yow that ye woll wete safe to remembre Johane Gayne matre, and that ye woll take John Paston that he remembre you of it, for Dawbeney and Pampyng woll sone for gete it.

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