Margaret Paston to John Paston, 8th June 1464

John Paston II
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To myn ryght worshypful hosbond, John Paston, be thys delyveryd in haste.

Ryght worshypful hosbond, rekomaund me on to you. Pleasyth you to wete that I sent yisterday Loveday to Norwyche to speke wyth the Vykyr of Derham for the mater betwen Master Constantyn and hym; and he seyth that as for that mater, Master Constantyn sewyd hym for feyth and trowth brekyng, and he sewed Master Constantyn in the Temporall Curte uppon an obligacion of xli.,; and ther was made appoyntment be twen hem by the advyce of bothe ther Conceylis, be for Master Robert Popy, that eche of hem shuld relece othyr, and so they dede, and the sewtys wer wythdrawyn on bothe partyes, and iche of hem aquytauncyd othyr; and as for any copy of the plee, he had never non, ner he ner Master John Estegate, that was hys atornay, remembryth nat that it was regestryd; and Master John Estegate seythe, if it schuld be scergyd in the regester it wold take a fortenyght werk, and yit peraventur never be the nerer.

Syr Thomas Howes hathe ben ryght besy thys weke at Blofeld, in wrytyng and lokyng uppe of ger, and John Russe hathe ben with hym ther the moste parte of alle thys weke, and thys day was Robert Lynne ther with hym; what they have do I wote nat, but I schal wete if I may.

It was told me that Syr Thomas desyryd of John Russe to make hym a new inventory of Syr John Fastolffs goods. John Russe myght not be spoke with yit, for the letter that he shuld a wretyn, whych ye sente me word of.

Item, it is tolde that the Dwke of Suffolk is kome home, and owthyr he is ded, or ellys ryght seke, and not lyke to eskape; and Syr John Howard is kome hom; and it is seyd that the Lord Skalys and he have a comyssyon to enquer whye they of this contre that were sent for kame not hastylar uppe afftyr they wer sent for. It is reportyd that the Kyng is gretly dyspleasyd ther with. At the reverence of God, arme yowr selve as myghtyly as ye kan ageyn yowr enmyes, for I know verrayly that they wyl do ageyn yow as myghtyly as they kan with all ther power.

It is told me that Syr Thomas shal kom uppe in haste, and othyr, suche as he kan make for hys partye.

Also for Goddys sake be war what medesyns ye take of any fysissyans of London; I schal never trust to hem be cause of your fadr and myn onkyl, whoys sowlys God assoyle.

The blissyd Trynyte have yow in Hys kepyng, and sende yow helthe and good spede in all yowr materis. Wretyn in haste, on the Fryday next befor Sceynt Bernabye.

By yowrs,

M. P.

Alle the jentylmen of thys contre that went uppe to the Kyng ar contrmaundyd, and ar com hom ageyn. It is told me that Rowse of Suffolk is ded. If John Gayn myght have any releese of his sone, if it myght do hym ese, it wer a good torne for hym.

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