Lady Katherine Paston to William Paston, Late August 1625

Early 17th Century
Side By Side:

To my deerest sonne William Paston
these at his lodgings at Corpus Christi College

My good will: I was in hope to haue seen thee this weeke, but I heer so bade newes of the increase of the sikenes at London, that allthough I haue great ocation to haue bine ther, yett will I forbear till it shall please god in mearcy to scease it: I am sory to think off removinge the from that good plase whear thow arte so well: nyther wold I for any Cawse haue the hom till whot wether or fear of danger provokethe me: wherfor I haue leaft it to mr Roberts best conscideration: for I am so lothe thow sholdest loose thy time with being at hom, and I am lothe likewise to haue you to be ill at ease ther wherfor if thow sholdest com home soone. I pray the resolue with thy selfe to apply thy self strictly to Certine bowers taskes every day, otherwis I am afrayd thow sholdest be wonderfully hindered in thy leavinge : but if therbe just Cawse of feare of taringe, and that you will purpos to settle thy self to parforme my desire, then Com and well com and if you hier hacknys com very easy Iorneys: but if you wold be sent for then lett me know in thy next: farwell my good child the allmighty, of his infinite mercy blese preserue and kepe the and vs all for his mercy sake:

thy most louinge Mother
Katherine Paston

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