Sir John Paston to John Paston, 9th November 1468

John Paston II
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

To my ryght welbelovyd brother, John Paston, Esqer, beyng at Caster, or to John Dawbeney there, be this letter delyvered.

Ryght welbelovyd brother, I comand me to yow, letyng yow wete þat I have wagyd for to helpe yow and Dawbeney to kepe the place at Castr, iiij. wel assuryd and trew men to do al maner of thyng what þat they be desyryd to do, in save gard or enforcyng of the seyd place; and mor ovyr they be provyd men, and connyng in the werr, and in fetys of armys, and they kan wele schote bothe gonnys and crossebowes, and amende and strynge them, and devyse bolwerkys, or any thyngs þat scholde be a strenkthe to the place; and they wol, as nede is, kepe wecche and warde. They be sadde and wel advysed men, savyng on of them, whyche is ballyd, and callyd Wylliam Peny, whyche is as goode a man as gothe on the erthe, savyng a lytyll he wol, as I understand, be a lytel copschotyn, but yit he is no brawler, but ful of cortesye, meche uppon James Halman; the other iij. be named Peryn Sale, John Chapman, Robert Jakys Son, savyng þat as yit they have non harneyse comyn, but when it komyth it schall be sent to yow, and in the meane whyle I pray yow and Dawbeney to purvey them some.

Also a cople of beddys they most nedys have, whyche I pray yow by the help of my modre to purvey for them, tyl þat I com home to yow. Ye schall fynde them gentylmanly, comfortable felawes, and þat they wol and dare abyde be ther takelyng; and if ye undrestond þat any assawte schold be towardys, I sende yow thes men, becawse þat men of the contre ther about yow scholde be frayed for fer of losse of ther goods; wherfor if ther wer any suche thyng towards, I wolde ye take of men of the contre but few, and þat they wer well assuryd men, for ellys they myght discorage alle the remenant.

And asfor any wryghtyng fro the Kyng, he hathe promysyd þat there schall come non; and if ther do his unwarys, yowr answer may be thys, how the Kyng hathe seyd, and so to delay them tyll I may have worde, and I schall sone purvey a remedy.

I understond þat ye have ben with my Lorde of Norfolke now of late. What ze have done I wete not; we se þat he shal be her ageyn thys daye. Mor ovyr, I trow John Alforde schall not longe abyde with my Lorde; I schall sende yow tydyng of other thyngys in haste, with the grace of God, who, &c. Wretyn on Wednysday nexte befor Seynt Martyn.


I fer þat Dawbeney is not alther best storyd to contenew howsold longe; lete hym send me worde in hast, and I wyll releve hym to my power, and or longe to I hope to be with yow.

Roger Ree is scheryff of Norfolke, and he schall be good jnow. Th’excheter I am not yit assertaynyd of.

Also, þat thes men be at the begynnyng entretyd as corteysly as ye can.

Also, I pray yow to sende me my flowr be the next massanger þat comyth.

Also, as for my Lorde Fytz Waters oblygacion, I know non suche in myn adward as yit.

Also, the obligacion of the Bisshop of Norwychys oblygacion, I never sye it þat I remembre; wherfor I wolde and prey my modre to loke it up.

Also, as for the Byble þat the master hath, I wend the uttermost pryse had not passyd v. mark, and so I trowe he wyl geve it: wet, I pray yow.

Also, as for Syr Wylliam Barber and Syr Wylliam Falyate, I wolde, if they kan purvey for them selfe, folfayne be dyschargyd of them.

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