Marjory Brews to John Paston, February, 1477

Thomas Kela
15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

Unto my ryght welebelovyd Voluntyn, John Paston, Squyer, be this bill delyvered, &c.
Ryght reverent and wurschypfull, and my ryght welebeloved Voluntyne I recomande me unto yowe, ffull hertely desyring to here of yowr welefare, whech I beseche Almyghty God long for to preserve un to Hys plesur, and yowr herts desyre. And yf it please yowe to here of my welefar, I am not in good heele of body, nor of herte, nor schall be tyll I her ffrom yowe

'For there wottys no creature what peyn that I endure,
And for to be deede, I dare it not dyscure'

And my lady my moder hath labored the mater to my ffadur full delygently, but sche can no mor gete then ye knowe of, for the whech God knowyth I am full sory. But yf that ye loffe me, as I tryste verely that ye do, ye will not leffe me therefor; for if that ye hade not halfe the lyvelode that ye hafe, for to do the grettest labur that any woman on lyve myght, I wold not forsake yowe.

  'And yf ye commande me to kepe me true wherever I go,
I wyse I will do all my myght yowe to love and never no mo.
And yf my freends say, that I do amys,
Thei schal not me let so for to do,
Myne herte me bydds ever more to love yowe
Truly over all erthely thing,
And yf thei be never so wroth,
I tryst it schall be better in tyme commyng'.

No more to yowe at this tyme, but the Holy Trinite hafe yowe in kepyng.And I besech yowe that this bill be not seyn of none erthely creatur safe only your selffe, &c.

And thys letter was indyte at Topcroft, with full hevy herte, &c

By your own,

Margery Brews

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