Lady Katherine Paston to William Paston, Late September 1626

Early 17th Century
Side By Side:

To my beloued sonne William Paston
these whersoever he be:
deliver Norwich

My good child the mercy of lesus Christ be for ever more with the. I coold not but wright these few lines to the. by which thow mayst know I doe not forgett the. I send this mesinger to heer of the I pray god I may heer that thow beest well. and I pray the haue a care of thy self every way bothe for health and Complement: I wish that tom ayde might make you a handsom winter sute that might be meet for Cambridge to wear with your gown that is ther I thinke a scarlet on; els your gowne will be to good for your sute and that gown doe grow so short that affter this winter ther will be no more vse of it for a gown: I heer thay be all well at Cambridg. Tills is on the mendinge hand it seems he had a spotted Ague : ther haue died at wallsom but thre; this two days and thay be childeren: the howse at trunch is saffiy garded it is sayd purgall died not of the siknes. the howshold ther, is all well as yett: thy father is down agayne with his legge and very ill it is: farwell my good child vntill munday and I pray the remember me too all good frinds wher so ever thow beest the lord for ever blese preserve and keep the now and ever

thy most louinge mother
Katherine Paston

winnett was maried this mihellmas day to you know who

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