William Pekoc to Sir John Paston, 4th November 1479?

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

Ryth worschypful ser, I recomande me to youre good masterchep. Plesseth yow to wete that I haue receyvid Wheteley letter where-in is wretyn that I chuld send you mony that I haue receyvid at Paston. Sere, I haue spoke with youre tenauntys at Paston, Bakton, and othir placys, but I receyvid no mony of noon of hem. They wend an had yow there ore this tyme. I haue be there with youre tenauntys for here areragys, and they arn better plessid to pay you þe mony thanne Master Will P., be so they be sauyd harmles. I haue putte hem in as good comforte as I can, and ye muste take hed pat they be not sewyd be no wrytys this terme but þat rthey peyntid til ye speke with hem.

Sere, I send you r a bylle of here dettys. Sere, I chal be at Paston the next weke also. As for mony, I kan non send you at this tyme, for I haue not yet take as meche as pe gravore hath of me.

Item, as for this feschyng there was neuer sen a wars, for there can non heryng be bowte in this contre ondir xiij s. iiij d. a bare! and viij s. iiij d. a kade, be-syde al othir costys.

Item, þe swannys ware sente forth the next weke after youre departyng. As for John Osbarn and Munde the hen heylle and mery, blessid be God; and for deth, Caster and Mawteby there deyd non son Michellmas, at Fylby, Ormysby, and Scrowby and othir placys they dey stylle. God sessid, and send youre masterschep vyctory of youre adversseris.

Wretyn at Mawteby the iiij day of Novembre.

Be youre bedeman WILL PEKOC

Gairdner had suggested 1471, Davis thinks 1479 more likely, Both use the references to the plague as the basis for their dating. See Davis "Paston Letters and Papers of the 15th century, Vol II", pp 411-412 for comprehensive discussion of the letter and its date.

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