John Paston to Sir John Paston, 16th October 1472

15/16th Century
Location of Original:
British Library

A Monsieur J. Paston, Chevaller.

Ryght worchepfull sir, I comand me to yow, sertyfying yow that Pekok hath receyvyd of Sir John Stylle by a bylle all suche stuff as he had of your. And as for Kendallys mater, he hathe doon as myche in it as can be doon: but as for Richard Calle, he hathe gevyn hym a pleyn answer that he wyll not seale to the lease that ye have mad to Kendalle, for he seyth he wottyth not whether it be your wylle or not, notwithstandyng he sye yore sealle up on it. I wold be sory to delyver hym a subpena and ye sent it me.

I send you herwith the endenture betwyx yow and Townesend. My modyr hathe herd of that mater by the reporte of old Wayte, whyche rennyth on it with opyn mowthe in hys werst wyse. My modyr wepyth and takyth on mervaylously, for she seythe she wotyth well it shall never be pledgyd ought; wherfor she seythe that she wyll purvey for hyr lond that ye shall none selle of it, for she thynkys ye wold and it cam to yowr hand. As for hyr wyll and all syche maters as wer in hand at your last being here, they thynk that it shall not lye in all oure porys to let it in on poynt.

Sir Jamys is evyr choppyng at me, when my modyr is present, with syche wordys as he thynkys wrathe me, and also cause my modyr to be dyspleased with me, evyn as who seyth he wold I wyst that he settyth not by the best of us; and when he hathe most unfyttyng woordys to me, I smylle a lytyll and tell hym it is good heryng of thes old talys. Sir Jamys is parson of Stokysby by J. Bernays gyft. I trowe he beryth hym the hyeer.

Item, ye must sende in haste to W. Barker a warrant to pay John Kook xxx_s._, and to the woman of Yermothe for otys xx., and Syr John Styll hys money, for they call dayly up on it.

Item, I prey yow send me some tydynges howgh the world gothe, and whether ye have sent eny of your folk to Caleys. Me thynkes it costyth yow to myche money for to kepe hem all in London at your charge.

Item, whethyr ye have eny thyng spokyn of my going to Caleys.

Item, as for a goshawk or a terssell, I wend to have had on of yours in kepyng or thys tyme, but fere [_far_] fro iee fer fro hert; by my trowthe I dye for defawlt of labore. And it may be by eny meane possybyll, for Godes sake let on be sent me in all hast; for if it be not had by Halowmess, the seson shall passe a non, _Memento mei_, and in feythe ye shall not loose on it. Nor yet myche wyne on it by God, Who preserve yow.

Wretyn on Seynt Mychell Day, in Monte Tomba.

J. P.

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