Lady Katherine Paston to William Paston, 7th February 1627

Early 17th Century
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To my beloued sonne - william Paston
these att Corpus Christy Colledge these Cambridge

My good chilld the Lord blese the ever: I haue a great desire to heer how you doe with your cowld. I hope you will haue so good a care as that it shall not increase vpon the. which I might well perceiue it did heer: I haue not herd directly from paston sine your goinge a way from pagraue but at a seconde hand I heard it. that Iohn Gowld shold report that an other died in Coks howse on thursday last but I beinge at Linne on munday last on of our company spake with Gowllt ther: who sayd hee cam from paston on friday last. and then ther wear not any more dead. then was befor your goinge from hence: but he heard owld Coke had gotten cowld and was not very well: so what is true I know not, it is strange that two so neer nayghbours shold differ so fare in ther repoorts: I shall be very glad if the market man you tell me ofe, may prove a certine mesinger betwen vs. I doe giue the ventur first. if this shold miscary I wold seeke a new one: I pray the commend me most kindly to good mr Roberts I will some other time wright to him. but at this time I am good weary of my late Iorny from line: wher I taried not full 23 howers. but I was never wearier of any London Iorny then of this. farwell my good chilld commend me to thy cosine Robine. and thy owne sellfe whowm I wish too as my owne sowle : in hast

Pagraue this
Ash wedensday 1626/7

thy most louinge Mother: Katherine Paston

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